Slave Wars

Slave Wars
PATHFINDER: Skull & Shackles

From the journal of Jask Derendi (risen): Monday, Aug 27 at 03:15 PM to Monday, Aug 27 at 08:00 PM
Gateway Games & More 960 Kennedy’s Landing, Cincinnati, OH.
At the last the ship had been walloped by a large wave, knocking most of the barrels containing the supply of fresh water, and some of the unfortunate crew over board!

Gavin and Thrynn have organized an away party to set out in the ship’s boat for a near by island in search of more fresh water.

Upon rowing around a huge “fist-shaped” peninsula shear granite, they eventually found a suitable beach to land. However, immediate signs of abandon fell upon the otherwise beautiful setting. A small fishing village lay in ruin. Primitive huts, fishing nets, and other tools lay discarded where they fell. With no sign of immediate danger the group tracked through swamp and bog to reach the inner fields of the coastal plane. There they wondered at over grown crops of carefully planted corn!

With the afternoon’s heat came one possible answer to the inhabitant’s of the island, the group was attacked by a trio of ghouls dressed in lavish gowns. The undead whores reeked of rotted flesh and putrid PERFUME, having practiced their profession aboard the Chelish sloop INFERNUS and were marooned on the island along with the rest of it’s crew ten years ago. Apparently, they all must have succumbed to some kind of infernal disease!!

Surviving the ghoul attack and the treacherous bogs of the low-lands the group made their way up the only ridge on the island. Spotting a small fortification surrounding a large tree, they spied bubbling spring flowing from the ground beneath the tree. Their spirits first soared then fell as yet another attack found them defending themselves from several choker-vines lodged in the tree and another deadly ghoul held up with in the small fort.

Filling their casks with the life giving water, the group was about to return to the beach and the ship’s boat when they noticed a small spying glass mounted haphazardly atop the north wall of the fort.

Curiosity taking them, they saw the magnified image of a stone tower rising out of the treeline atop the island ridge. A tower with lit braziers adorning the upper walls!

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